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Get your desired love in quick time by vashikaran specialist with the help of tantra mantra astrology. Tantra mantra astrology helps in getting your love back in your life and...


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Love Marriage Specialist

Find a prediction of love marr...

Get Back Desired Love

Get your desired love in quick...

Black Magic Specialist

Are you facing husband wife di...

India's No. 1 Vashikaran Specialist

Guruji A. K. Rawal is a specia...

Claim Your Ex-Love Back

Guru Ji love back specialist a...

Vashikaran Totke in Hindi | Vashikaran Mantra for Love | Vashikaran Specialist

Khamkhya Devi is the goddess of vashikaran. To use vashikaran totke you should have good knowledge of vashikaran vidya. Every problem can be solved with vashikaran vidya, such as control over your love, money, and love back. Vashikaran mantras are available in every language. A yantra is used to chant the mantra before to get result. These mantras are very powerful and should be done under supervision of specialist. Without any supervision this mantra can do negative impact on your target. Vashikaran totke are very useful in stri vashikaran, girlfriend vashikaran, husband vashikaran, purush vashikaran.

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Vedic Astrology | Astrology Compatibility | World Famous Astrologer In India

Astrology for love means finding right love compatibility between two couple who are going to be married. Many people seek a love and commitment which will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, we see in the universe that at least half of all couples do not experience this type of happiness.

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Powerful love Spells | love spells for Love back| Vashikaran Specialist

Love spells is the process to bind the passions and emotion of another, or to capture them through magical means rather than through direct activity. Love spells can be implemented in a variety of ways, such as written spells, dolls, talisman, amulets, potions or different rituals. Love spell has been a subject magic and occult science which has been helpful in getting love back, ex love back or getting desire love in your life.

A love spell is an enchantment that can bind two people fall in love for each other. Love spell also can be defined as any type of ritual, spell, or work of magic that brings about love, lust or attraction. Love spell helps you to appear more attractive and alluring overall and helps in fall in love with someone dearest. The most common use of love spells is to find and get true love. Moreover this spell can get your love back or ex-boyfriend, wife, husband and ex love in your life.

Love spells are used to mesmerize or attract your desired love towards you. These spells are very powerful  Now a day some people cast these spells for revenge. These spells are for love not for lust. Don’t cast Black magic love spells for bad purpose otherwise it may harm you or your desired love.

Love spells are one the magical spells that have always in very huge demand with lovers. These spells changes the mind of person to obey your instruction or be your slave. So these mantras should be done under supervision of specialists. This may ruin anyone innocent’s life.

Love spell are very powerful and brings result very soon and make you astonished. With the use of love spells you can bring your ex love back and get your desired love in your life.

It is very important to know all procedures and vidhi that is required to cast a love spells. To cast a love spells you must have specific skills and need some equipments. All of the above you have to take help of expert in love spells. He can use love spells with accurate way and help you in getting you task done.

Love spells are useful for those who are facing impediment in marital relationships due to disapproval of parents and whose love have left them.


Love spells: Your have to arrange a sampler size of your favorite scent and a pink candle.

Then carve a heart in your candle with toothpick. Light the candle there where it can receive moonlight.

Put the scent bottle in front of the candle and chant:

Venus, grant me the love that I lack; Through this scent, my mate attract!

Let the candle burn out naturally. Then carry the scent with you, spraying on a little whenever you are out or may be meeting people. Increase the power of the magic by repeating the invocation as you put on the scent!


love spells effective way to control the mind and heart of girl friend. if you want to control or want to get back your girl friend you can use love spells to control girl friend.


simmilar to above case if you thinking to get back your boy friend or want to control your boy friend mind you can use these spells. 

For more information and love spells please contact Guru ji World famous astrologer in term of vashikaran. He is number one vashikaran specialist.    

Pushp Man / Women Vashikaran Mantra:-












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Mantra for Love Marriage | Mantra for Vashikaran love spells | Powerful Mantras

Our ancient mantras are very powerful and once we cast a mantra or spell, it has no turning back. The results of these mantras and spells will amaze you and get the result within a short span of time. They can bring dangerous result if used to destroy an innocent life or for any negative intentions. These are only for true love intention and right perspective.Tantra, mantra and yantra astrology or mantra for love back is for the mankind. So, it should be used for welfare of society and humanity, but some hypocrite people are using this occult science for ill purpose. We suggest them not to use this science for destroying other, but get benefit of yours and others. It is common today’s world that evil is increasing rapidly and humanity is getting destroyed.

Mantras started in the vedic tradition of India, later becoming an important part of the Hindu custom.  The use of mantras is now far-flung throughout various spiritual movements.

Vedic astrology believes in the theory of fate and it also accepts that you can change your destiny with your own efforts by performing various remedies like pooja, japa, charity etc. Reciting of the mantras or charity can improve your destiny, it is time tested and trusted.

 People in the olden days were used to recite mantra for more than 15 to 16 years, after that they gain siddhi and when they performed poojas etc. even the gods used to come down. Now a day people believe in doing recite of mantra only when they are in trouble. However one thing is sure that chanting these mantras slowly eradicate your negative influences and improve the positive effectiveness. Reciting these mantras reduced the intensity of trouble but not totally vanished.

 Mantras were originally conceived in the Veda. The most basic mantra is Om, Which in Hinduism is known as the “pranava mantra”, the source of all mantras.

There are many mantras for different types of problems. These mantras are created by powerful saints and sages to serve the humanity. It is highly advocated not to misuse them.  Malefic intentionally use may bring dire consequences. We are number one vashikaran specialist in India. vashikaran is an art to get control over desired person. Vashikaran mantras are use to get your love back or get desired love. These mantra for love back should be perform in the guidance of vashikaran specialist. so if you wan to know about mantra for love back contact us.

Om hrim sah: chant one lac time on holi or any eclipse. Put the hair of lady whom to control. The lady will be under your love.

Mantras for love back

Om namoh aadi rupay (beloved name) akarshanam kuru kuru swaha:  put your desired love’s photo in front of you and take some blood from your finger. Then write the name of your love’s name on bhojpatra with the pen of kaner. Energize this bhojpata by the mantra 1108 time and dip it in the honey for 21 days. The person will come back to you.

Dhan vridhi mantra: “Om namoh bhagwati padam padmavati, om hrim om, om purvey dakshinay pashchamay utray aash puray, sarvjan vashya kuru kuru swaha.  

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Vashikaran Puja | Vashikaran mantra for Love | Vashikaran Yantra Mantra Tantra

Vashikaran Puja is a process to attract or bind someone’s mind in favor of your order or direction. Vashikaran puja is done by desperate person to fulfill his wishes and demands. This ritual is done by specialist in favor of you by using different powerful ingredients and mantras. Duration to perform the puja depends on case’s situation and toughness, but normally it takes 5 to 7 days. This ritual is done to please the deity of vashikaran “Khamkhya Devi”.

Vashikaran is only considered as the tool to attract love and more vashikaran can be employed to improve other areas of life such as boost harmony in relationships, enhance love between couples, to positively attract and influence others, to make yourself desirable and to save or fix your relationship.

Vashikaran puja is a type of spell which helps you to bring the person you love in your life. It helps in attracting and drawing your desired love in your life by vashikaran mantra yantra and tantra. Vashikaran puja helps in prosperity and success in your business, money and life. It concentrates the energy of your mind to influence your desired love within two months towards you. This puja is performed in tantric methods. Solve your all love problems by vashikaran mantra for love, vashikaran yantra tantra mantra, khamkhya vashikaran, kamdev vashikaran.

Vashikaran is a process of mantra by which you can control the mind of anyone and make him to do work which you want to do him.mostly use to get your love back or to get desired love. This is done on your love, wife and dearest one. Khamkhya devi is the deity of vashikaran. Vashikaran puja can be done if someone is ruing the life of your dearest one. By this you can get back your love.

Vashikaran puja is done after analyzing the horoscope and get the right time and date for performing the puja. Vashikaran puja is performed for various purposes in society like money, marriage, disease, grah kalesh and many others.

No one can perform vashikaran puja himself. One should have the need of vashikaran specialist.The ingredients for vashikaran puja are not easy to avail. These are available in the different parts of the state. It takes time and money. The result of this is almost 100% sure, because it is a tantric puja and brings result soon.

Vashikaran puja should be done for welfare of humanity. One should have to perform vashikaran puja for love not for lust. Malefic intention may bring dire consequences. So don't think only for yourself rather than humanity.

We are specialist for vashikaran puja. We perform vashikaran puja and anyone can get result very soon. Please feel free to contact us vashikaran specialist Guru ji.

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Match- Making or Love Compatibility | Kundali & Horoscope Matchmaking |

Love compatibility in astrology means checking the love ratio between two individuals by ascertaining their horoscope and sun signs. By checking love compatibility astrologers insure a successful and happy marriage life of couple.

There are 4 elements in astrology, one of which is carried by each of the 12 signs of the zodiac: Fire, Earth and Water. The elements to which your zodiac sign belongs describes core aspects of your persona and personality. At a deep level, the elements unite different zodiac signs with a shared way of looking at everyday life, which makes certain relationship easier to build. If a man’s zodiac sign shares the same element with you, getting to know him will be so much easier. Even if you two are from different walks of life, you will each have an outlook on the way the world works that is in sync.

As easy as a relationship of similar elements is, there are often relationships that get too comfortable too fast. They can drift apart if you and he find so much in common that there is no advancement in whom you both are by being in the partnership. But every element of the zodiac is balanced by an opposing one that occupies the zodiac sign opposite of yours.

The zodiac is an ethereal surround that has vast control over earth. They are belts in the heavens that are about 15 degree wide in which the planets travel. They are the sun’s detectable path, also called the ecliptic.

Astrology is an ancient science which explains planetary motion and position and their effect on human beings and other entities. Earlier astrology was only based on motion of planets and stars, but later it started including zodiac signs also. There are 27 constellations including 12 zodiac signs, 9 planets and 12 houses and each house has its own impact on human life. The snapshot of signs and planets are called horoscope.

Horoscope matching is one of the most important parts of marriage. In Hindu religion everyone wants to fulfill this formality. Horoscope matching is done by completing analyzing both the horoscope charts and gives the fare report so that couple would lead a competed and happy married life.

            love-compatability.jpg - 169.91 KB

Astrological compatibility consideration is not only ancestral practice but is a way to get the knowledge of people’s social communication features, natural and love. Couple can’t put a life-long relationship happily until compatibility is not found between them.

A satisfied compatibility with couple is one of the most important parts of their relationship. This is the very reason that people worldwide curiously seek advice for compatibility.

Sun sings are given a great importance when it comes to match making or compatibility check. The basis of sun sings astrologer confirms the compatibility and happy marriage life. Astrologer should check whether there are compatible sings of marriage life in both the horoscope. There are 36 gunas in kundli. Most compatible guna matching are 25. Couple with matching of 25 gunas or above can spend a happy married life. Email:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. call:- +91-9876146495,9878019497

Lal Kitab | Lal Kitab Remedies for Love | Lal Kitab Predictions


Lal Kitab is the name of five books, published between 1939 and 1952, which explicate singular system of Indian astrology now known as the Lal Kitab system of astrology.  These books were written by Guruji.

Lal Kitab was published in urdu language without the element of punctuation and sounds. In today’s fast changing world, our life is hectic. From career, relationships, home family and other factors affecting us directly or indirectly, it is hard to lead a peaceful life. With Lal Kitab, you can bring back the happiness and balance in your life.


Lal Kitab Predictions. These predictions are based on planetary position in twelve houses. According to the Lal Kitab, when a planet’s influence in accordance to the house it is seated in, the Lal Kitab Remedies work wonders. But in case of planet exerts its own influence, the remedies cease to help.


Lal Kitab Remedies. These are simple, easy and cheap. Some of the remedies suggested are applying chandan on forehead, plant ashoka tree and water it daily, sleep in south direction, wear copper coin in neck etc.

One should have to follow rituals to please and get blessing from nine stars.


Surya. Flowing gur in stream of water or river regularly 43 days get you nice effects of Surya.


Chandra. Keeping a lota of pure water or milk near your head rest at a sleeping time get you nice effects of Chandra. In the morning pour the milk or water in banyan tree.


Mangal. Feeding sweet roti to dog and flowing batashe in flowing stream of water you can get blessing of mangal.


Budh. Flow ancient porous coins of copper in river or running steam of water.


Brihaspati. Applying saffron on navel and forehead helps to pleasure brihaspati.


Shukra. Nurturing the cow can give pleasure to shukra.


Shani. Donation of mustard oil on Saturday makes Shani happy.


Rahu. Gifting of raddish vegetables makes rahu happy.


Ketu. Giving sweet breads to dogs makes ketu satisfy.


One should to do any of these rituals continuous for 43 days. If discontinued any day, should start from the beginning day for 43 days.



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Shabar Mantra | Shabar mantra for love | Love Spells for Ex Back

A shabar mantra is from the creation of culture. The Shabar mantras are to serve the public. These mantras were made by guru Gorkah Nath Ji. These Mantras are mostly used to knowledge, devotion, prosperity, safety, disease freedom; destroy the enemy, Vashikaran for love back etc. These are very simple mantras and not a complex.Shabar vashikaran mantra are very effective used to control the every person to you.Using a mantra back your ex lover. Any body Ask How to get back your ex lover ,how to win love by using this mantra.

We are basically vashikaran specialist and also have specialization in shabar mantra. Shabar mantras are very simple and easy to use. They are easy to chant and give result at once when precisely used. The best things in these mantras are that they are available in every language and not ill effects if you recite them yourself. They are very simple and easy to chant.


Mainly a large part of lovers find the shabar mantra to solve their love problems. When someone is in love it is awesome feeling and it reflects from his/her personality and face. But when it comes to breakup it is the worst feeling in anyone’s life. Broken heart leads a life into hell. Some lover can’t find solution and ready to end up their lives.

There is nothing in this world which has no solution and no alternative. When human effort seems to be failed everyone tries beyond the human efforts such as goes to temple to pray god, and many other remedies which seem them suitable for their efforts to get your love back.

These mantras are the right solution for them. But I recommended them to not use shabar mantras yourself please consult vashikaran specialist. Reason behind this is that to attain siddhi in shabar mantra one should to be like saint. When you want to solve your love problems it can’t be said how long you have to chant these mantras. It is said only after analyzing your kundli or your lover’s kundli. There are many saints and sages with their own powers and own ways to solve love problems. This depends on their knowledge and experience.

We are Indian traditional vashikaran specialist and solving the love problems with pure devotion and commitment. Please feel free to contact us.


Take care till then and God bless you.


Lavan Vashikaran shabar Mantra:-


Mantra :


 Om Bhagwati Bhag Bhagak Dayini Dev
 Datim mam vashayam kuru kuru swaha.



Sidh Shabar Mantra:     Mritika Vashikaran:-


Mantra :


 Kala Kaluvaa Chaunsath Vir
Tal Bhagi Tor
Jahan ko bhejun vahin ko jaye
Maans-Majja ko shabad ban jaye
Apna mara, Aap dikhave
Chalat baan maarun
Maar maar kaluva
Teri aas char
Chaumukha diya
Maar badi ki chaati
Itna kam mera na kare to mata ka
Doodh piya haram.



Sidh Sabar Mantra :     Longe Mohan:-


Mantra : 


 Om Namo aadesh guru ka
Kamru desh kamakhya devi
Jayan base ismaail jogi
Ismaail jogi ne dinhi longe
Ek longe raati maati
Duji longe dikhave raati
Tiji longe rahe thahray
Chauthi longe milave aaye
Nahin aave toh kuaan bavdi ghat phire
Randi kuaan bavdi pe chhitak mare
Om namoh aadesh guru ka
Meri bhakti, guru ki shakti
Phure mantra ishvarovacha.



Sidh Sabar Mantra :       Ilayachi Mohan:-


Mantra :


 Om namoh kala kaluva kali raat
Nish ki putli, maghi raat
Kala kaluva, ghat baat
Soti jo jagay lao
Bathi ko uthay lao
Khadi ko chalay lao
Mohini yogini chal
Raj ki thaun amuki ke tan main chatpati lagao
Jiya le tod
Jo koi ilayachi hamari khave
Kabhi na chode hamara sath
Ghar ko taje bahar ko taje
Hamen taj aur kane jai
Satay naam aadesh guru ka
Meri bhakti guru ki shakti
Phure mantra ishvarovacha.



Sidh Sabar Mantra :      Longe:-


Mantra :


 Om jal ki yogini, patarlaka naam
Jispe bhejun, tispe laag
Sote sukh na bathe sukh
Phir-phir dekhe hamra mukh
Meri bandhi jo chute
To baba naharsingh ki jata chute.



Sidh Sabar Mantra :           Kajal:-


Mantra :


 Namah padmani
Anjan mera naam
Is nagri main bathke mohun sagraa gaam
Raaj karanta raja mohun
Farsh pe baitha baniya mohun
Mohun panghat ki panihar
Is nagar ki chhatis mohun pavan bayaar
Jo koi maar maar karanta aave
Tahi narsingh veer bayan pag ke angutha
Tale dhar ger aave
Meri bhakti guru ki shakti
Phuro mantra ishvarovacha.



Sidh Sabar Mantra :           Teeka:-


Mantra :


Haath base hanumant, Bharon base lilaar
Jo hanumant ka tika kare mohe sab sansar
Jo aave taar taar karanta
So dikhe pauv laganta
Hanumant veer pujta rahe
Muhammad veer chhati to de
Jaganiyan veer sir gode
Ugniyan veer mar samast kare
Narsingh veer parkat gaaje
Bharon veer aan phirti rahe
Jo hamare uppar ghav ghaale
Palat hanumant veer usi ko maare
Jal bandhun
Thal bandhun
Kutumb aur kaya chet rahe prani
Hanumant veer maya tai taraph savai
Tape loha kach pade dhai
Lal chakra charka
Aasman chhaya haank lalkar
Hanumant veer ak paani ho jaase
Raja maharajadhiraaj
Sahab ke poot
Dharma ke nati tumhara hi aasra hai.


Sidh Sabar Mantra :      Namak Mohan:-


Mantra :


Om ek namak ramta mata
Dusra namak virah se aata
Tisra namak auri bori
Chautha namak rahe kar jori
Yeh namak amuk khaaye
Amuk ko chhod dusra nahin jaaye
Duhai pir auliya ki
Jo kahe so sune
Jo maange so dey
Duhai goora paarvati ki
Duhai kamakhya devi ki
Duhai guru gorakhnath ki.



Sidh Sabar Mantra :       Sindur Mohan:-


Mantra :


Om namoh aadesh guru ka
Sindur ki maya
Sindur naar teri patti
Kamakhya sir par teri utpatti
Sindur padhi main lagaun bindi
Vash amuk hoke rahe nirbudhi
Mahadev ki shakti
Guru ki bhakti
Na vashi ho to kamru kamakhya ki duhai
Aadesh hadi dasi chandi ka
Amuk ka man laao nikal
Nahin to mahadev pita ka vaam pad jaaye laag
Aadesh! Aadesh!! Aadesh!!!



Pushap Vashikaran Mantra:-


Mantra :


 Om Namoh chamundey jai jai vashya maanaaye jai-jai sarv satva namah sawaha.



Vyapar Bandhan Mukti Ka Mantra:-


Mantra :


"Om namoh aadesh guru ko bavan vaar chausath saatau kalva paanchau
Vadva jinn bhut parit dev daanav dust must maili mashan inhin ko
Kil kil najar dith munth tona taare lona chamari gaaje ya dhandhe
Dukan ki barkat ko bandhan na chudaave toh mata hinglaaj ki duhai."



Vashikaran Hetu Mantra:-


Mantra :


"Allah beech hatheli se, muhammad beech kapar,
Uska naam mohini, mohe jag sansar,
Mughe kare maar maar, use mere baanye kadam tale daar,
Jo na maane muhammad ki aan, us par vajr ki baan,
Bahakk laailaahi alla hai muhammad mera rasulillah."



Paan-Tilak Vashikaran Mantra:-


Mantra :


"Om namoh bhagvati maatangeshvari sarvmukharanjini,
Sarvesha mahamaye maatange kumarike nand nand
Jihve sarvlok savayam kuru svaha."



Sarv Vashikaran Mantra:-


Mantra :


Tel se tel raja parja paun mel pokhri pani masko aa lagay yoni
Mere pai lagay haath khadag biraj gale phulon ki mala jaani bijanai
Gorakh jaanai meri gati ko kah u koy haath pachhanon mukh dhoun sumiro
Niranjan kardev hanumant yati hamari pati rakhe mohini dohni donon
Bahini aavon mohni raval chale mukh bole to jeebh mohun aash mohun
Paas mohun sab sansahe mohun nisarun bandi deh lalaat, shabad sancha phuro
Mantra ishvaro vacha.



Sidh Vashikaran Mantra:-


Mantra :


"Om aim hrim klim kalike 'sarvan' mam vashyam
Kuru, kuru sarvan kaman main sadhya sadhya swaha."



Supani Vashikaran Mantra:-


Mantra :


'Amuk guru guftar jaag-jaag alauddin shaitan saar baar amuk ke
Jipa aan jo na maane to meri amma ki talak hamshish ki talak.'



Stri Vashikaran Mantra:-


Mantra :


Om namoh arhantaanam
Arre arini mohini
(Amukam) mohay-mohay swaha.



Sarvjan Vashikaran Ke Liye:-


Mantra :



Om hrim shrim
Klim sarvpurush
Sarvstri hriday
Haarini mam vashyam
Kuru vashat hrim.



Masan Rog (Sukha Rog) Nashak Parbhavshali Ghada:-




'Saphed masan guru gorakh ki aan
Yamdand masan kaal bharon ki aan
Sukiya masan lona chamari ki aan
Phuliya masan gore bharon ki aan
Haldiya masan kakoda bharon ki aan
Piliya masan dilli ki yogini ki aan
Kamediya masan kalika ki aan
Kikdiya masan ramchander ki aan
Silsiliya masan veer muhammad pir ki aan'



Musibat Door Karne Hetu Sankatmochak Mantra:-


Mantra :



Ilaai bahurmat said mahi aldin
Ilaai bahurmat shekh mahi aldin
Ilaai bahurmat gaus mahi aldin
Ilaai bahurmat khvaja mahi aldin
Ilaai bahurmat garib mahi aldin
Ilaai bahurmat maskin mahi aldin
Ilaai bahurmat lekh mahi aldin
Ilaai bahurmat kutub mahi aldin
Ilaai bahurmat makhdum mahi aldin
Ilaai bahurmat darvesh mahi aldin
Ilaai bahurmat vali mahi aldin



Sarv Manokamna Purak Mantra:-


Mantra :


'Makhni haathi jard ambari, us par bathi kamal khan ki savari,
Kamalkhan mugal pathan, bathe chabutare padhe kuran,
Hajar kaam duniya ka kare, ek kaam mera kar,
Na kare to teen lakh tantees hajar pagambaron ki duhai,
Tere pagambaron ki duhai.'



Vashikaran Hetu:-


Mantra :



Bismillahirrahmanirrahim aalmori ho vallah.



Parbal Stri Vashikaran Mantra:- 


'Bar pipal ka than jahan baitha ajamil shaitan meri shabih meri surat
Ban 'amuk' ko ja raan jo raane to dhobi ki naad chamar,
Ki khal kulal ki maati pade jo raja chahe raja ka main chahun apne kaaj ko
Mera kaam na hoga to aansi main tera daamangeer rahunga.'


Sarv Vashikaran Hetu Vishesh Mantra:-


Mantra :



'Duhai Baba Hanuman ki duhai, Marghat Vali ki duhai, Chaugan Vali ki duhai,
Murde Khane vali ki duhai, Panchon Peeron ki duhai, Saiyyad Badshah ki duhai,
La ilahi lillah mohmmad ur rasul lillah, duhai Pawan ki, duhai Babri ki,
Mira Sahiba ki duhai, Kalka Mai ki duhai, Nagarkot Vali ki duhai,
Baba Balak Nath ki duhai, Guru Gorakhnath ki duhai, Alkhiya Baba ki duhai,
Marghat Vali ki duhai, Bhairon Kali ki duhai, Bangali Baba ki duhai,
Pahalwan ki duhai.'



mail:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call at guruji no:-+91-9876146495, 9878019497


Love marriage specialist | Vashikaran mantra for love|


Vashikaran mantra is used to control someone. These mantras are very effective to possess one’s mind and every problem can be solved, such as love, money and control over to someone. Vashikaran Mantras are found in each and every languages of the world. A yantra is used to chant the mantra before to get result soon. Vashikaran Mantra is also used to get your love back.

Vashikaran for Love Marriage

A love marriage is a union of two individuals based upon mutual love, affection, commitment and attraction. While the term has little discrete meaning in the Western world, where most marriages are considered to be 'based in love,' the term has meaning elsewhere to indicate a concept of marriage which differs from the norms of arranged marriage and forced marriage. So if you are facing any kind of problem in love marriage you can take the help of he is love marriage specialist and number one vashikaran specialist in India.

Vashikaran mantra

Vashikaran mantra is rare art guru ji gain vashikaran mantra by years of worship. he will suggest you how to use vashikaran mantra for love. This mantra help you to get your love back in life. Consult with guru ji and know how to win love or how to get marry with beloved by vashikaran.

Lavan Vashikaran Mantra


This mantra is used to control the ladies. “Beloved name” is used in place of “Dev Danti”. Start using this mantra from Thursday. Be delighted and take some salt in your hand make it powered by blowing on it reading this mantra 7 times. After that using trick, give it to the lady to be controlled mentally. The lady will be under control after sometime.

Pushp Vashikaran Mantra












Read this mantra 108 times and make a flower powered and throw it on a lady to be controlled. She will be yours.








ake 4 cloves. Fold them in a leaf and put in your mouth as that of the people who takes tobacco. After that make a dip in clean water and read the above mantra seven times. Then come out of water and keep the holy cloves with you. Make them dry in the sunlight. Give them to a person to be controlled.

Itr Vashikaran Bhairav Mantra

Ohm kala bhairu, bavan veer, per triya ko karde seer

Per triya chai agan kunwari, per joban me laage pyaari

Champa ke phool zoo aawe baas, ghar ka dhani ko chod de aas

Kapda se baad bharave, ang se ang milawe

Tiji ghadi teeji shad, ang se ang na milawe, to mata

Kampali ki sej per kala bhairu pag dhare

Shabd sancha pind kancha furo manter ishwaro vacha.

Procudure: chant this mantra in graveyard or near pyre in graveyard. The ingredients for this mantra should be garland of jasmine, panchmeva, baati, seven cloves, patashe, wine, dhoop and lever of goat. Present these ingredients daily to Bhairav for eleven days continuously with proper chant of this mantra. Perform havan on eleventh day and this mantra will be proved. During the chant of mantra take a bottle of perfume nearby you and powered this bottle with this mantra. Apply this perfume on your target or whom you want subjugate with carefully. Then what…… you have done it. She/he will be under your love. Please don’t do this procedure yourself. Take a supervision of vashikaran specialist. If anyone performs this procedure wrongly, it may give dire consequences. So please take care of yourself.






























Vashikaran mantras

1. Use of Supari

Supari (Used in betel) should be infused 108 times with this mantra. Whosoever is offered this supari and eats it, will be under your control. It is best to take sweet supari packets duly infused and kept with you for use.

Mantra:- "Om Dev namo Hrarye tha tha Swaha"

2. Use of fruit

The mantra shoud be recited ten thousand times to attain siddhi. After than take any good fruit and infuse it with mantra 108 times. Whosoever will take the fruit will remain under your control.

Mantra:- "Om Hareeng Mohini Swaha"

3. Use of water

Rise early in the morning and after your ablutions purify the water with 7 mantras and with the name of the person required to be brought under your control. Drink this water. Repeat for 21 days. The person concerned will be under your control.

Mantra:- "Om Chimi chimi Swaha"

Mohammadan mantra:-

Stand naked on the wrong side of the cot, take Gur in your hand and recite 121 times. Keep Gur under the cot and sleep during the night. In the morning, the Gur should be distributed among the boys. Replace the name of the lady in place of  word Amuk in the mantra. The lady will approach within 7 days.

Mantra:- "Eena etevena shetan meri shakal ban Amuk ke pas jana oose mere   pass lana rahi to turi Bahan, par teen san tee talag"

4. To control husband:-

Ladies can use this mantra to control their husbands who have gone astray, those who do not cooperate and are our of control. This mantra too can be used to control enemies, opponents  superiors and others.

Mantra:- "Om namo maharyakshaya Mam Pati me Vashya kuru kuru Swaha"

5. Kam Gayatri Mantra:-

Recite this mantra 1.25 lacs times to attain siddhi and to appease Kam Devta. After that use this mantra for any lady who will be infatuated and remain satisfied under your control.

Mantra:- "Om Manohhavay Vidahe Kandpye demahi Tantra Kama Parchodyat"

Kamakhya Vashi Karan Mantra:-

A most effective mantra . This mantra is be recited one lakh times for siddhi. Replace the name of the lady or person instead of word Amuk in mantra.

Mantra:-  "Om Namo Kamakshi Devi Aamuki me Vansham Kuru Kuru Swaha"

After attaining siddhi of this mantra use any of the following methods and articels etc., which can be exorcised 108 times by the above mantra and the desired results are obtained.

(a)  Take out dust from all nails of the hands, feet and nose on sunday. Exorcise and then give to lady or any  person to eat in bettel leaf.

(b) Make a powder of  Kakjanga, Kesar, Mausli and Tagar. Exorcise 108 times with above  mantra. Preserve   the   powder and put on the forehead of the the lady or any person who will become in infatuated with you.

(c)  Procure on sunday flowers, leaves root, trunk and branch of black datura tree or plant. Mix in them kesar, Camphor and Gorochan. Make a powder of all. Exorcise the same 108 times. Put Tilak on the forehead and go before the lady or any person, who will be subjected to Vashikaran.

This mantra only used in guidance of expert otherwise you can get negtive effect.Contact Guru ji vashikaran specialist.


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Powerful Mantra | Powerful mantra for love | Powerful vashikaran Mantra |

Pwerful Mantra means a sacred utterance, numinous sound, or a syllable which is believed by some to have psychological and spiritual power. Mantra may or may not be syntactic nor have literal meaning; the spiritual value of mantra comes when it is audible, visible or present in thought.

The Sanskrit word mantra consists of the man-“to think” and the suffix tra, designating tools or instruments, hence translation would be instrument of thought. Mantra is considered to be older than 1000 BC.

The powerful mantras contain in the site can be recited to benefit individuals who are dying because they are not getting required success in any work in their life. Each mantra given hereby is very powerful and brings the result very soon but it is necessary that you be under guidance of Guruji so that you may get the result very soon. Please contact with guru ji before chantting of poweful mantra otherwise these may give you negtive effect. Our guru ji is number one vashikaran specialist in India. He have a great wealth of experience. You can contact him to before using these powerful mantra. 

Powerful vashikaran mantra 

vashikaran is astrological art to make control over desired person. Mostly it is used to get your love back or get desired love these vashikaran mantras convert the mind of desired person and he or she act upon the way you want. Our guru ji is vashikaran specialist and he have powerful vashikaran mantra and shabar mantra


Prem bhaav badhane hetu kaalika mantra

Ohm aati kaali-yugadi kaali, indra ki beti bharma

Ki saali sahas ki kaali maathe hi jata, baabri wali

chalai chale na bolai aave tya kaaran guru

gorakh aawe mohan mudra vashi karu, mohu sagro gaao

mohu sagar jaati, baaye haath khadak dahine haath

khapariya nagar me paithat boro sab mantra maas ki dali

guggul ki vaas jab sumiro tab kalika khadi mere paas

meri bhakti guru ki shakti phuro manter ishwaro vacha


Procedure: Chant this manta daily and everyone will start loving you and almighty will be pleased with you. Vashikaran is a tantric vidhi and without the counseling with the vashikaran specialist don’t try these mantra. Everyone has proficiency in their field and don’t mess with supernatural powers. Take care of you and God bless you.  

Shri Ganesha Mantra for Sidhi:-

Om glam glim glum gam ganpataye namah sidhim me dehee budhim parkashay glum glim glam om phat swaha. 

Hanuman darshan hetu mantra:-

Om Hanuman pahalwan, varsh barha dk javan hath mein laddu, mukh mein paan. Aao aao baba Hanuman Na aao toh duhai Mahadev Gaura-Parvati ki. Shabad sancha. Pind kancha. Phuro mantra ishvaro vacha.


Dhan-varidhi karak padmavati mantra:-

Om namoh bhagwati padam padmavati, om hrim om, om purvay dakshinay pashchamay utray aash puray, sarvjan vashya kuru kuru swaha.


Sarv-karya sidhi hetu Bhairav mantra:-

Bhairo uchake bhairo kude bhairo sor machave Mera .............. amuk karya ........... na kare toh Kalika dk pur na kahave. Shabad sancha, Pind Kancha. Phure mantra ishvaro vacha.


Sarv-karya sidhi dayak mantra:-

Om namoh maha-shabari shakti. Mm anishat Nivaray-nivaray. Mm karya-sidhi kuru-kuru swaha.


Echchhit var prapati hetu Do mantra:-

Om valai aarat dh rut kuru swaha. Om biaaliya aasut ka sut kastu swaha.


Sukh-sampati varidhi karak Shri Gorakh-Gayatri mantra:-

Om guruji, sat namah, aadesh guru ji ko aadesh Om kare shiv-rupi, madhyahane hans-rupi, sandhyaya sadhu-rupi. Hans, param hans do akshar. Guru to goraksh, kaya to Gayatri. Om brahma, sosham shakti, shunyamata, avgat pita, vihangat jaat, Abhay-panth, suksham-veda, ashankhya shakha, anantpravar, niranjan Gotra, trikuti kshetra, jugati jog, jal swarup, rudra-varna. Sarv-dev dhyayate. Aaye shri shambhu-jati Guru Gorakhnath Om soshm tatpurushay vidmahe shiv gorkshay dhimahi tanno goraksha parchodyat. Om itna Gorakh-Gayatri-jaap sampurna bhaya. Ganga Godavari trayambak kshetra koykachal anudhan-shila par Sidhasan baith. nav-nath chaurasi-sidh, anant-koti-sidh-madhye Shri Shambhu-jati Guru Gorakhnath Ji kath padh jap ke sunaya. Sidho guruvay, aadesh-aadesh.


Manokamna dayak Shri Bagalamukhi mantra:-

Om halim bagala-mukhi ! Jagad-vashankari ! Maa pitambare, parsid parsid, MM sarv-manorathan puraya-puraya halim om.


Dhan-dayak Lakshmi mantra:-

Om aavo Lakshmi baitho aangan, roli-tilak chadhaun. Gale mein haar pahnaun. Bachano ki baandhi, aavi hamare paas. Pahla vachan Shri Ram ka, duja vachan Brahma ka, tija vachan Mahadev ka. Vachan chuke, to narka pade. Sakal panch mein path karun. Vardaan nahin deve, toh Mahadev ki shakti ki aan.


Sidhi hetu Annapurna Mata ka mantra:-

Om namah Annapurna pure. Gharit pure Ganesh ji. Pati pure Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh tino devtan. Meri Bhakti guru ki shakti. Shri Guru Gorakhnath Ki duhai. Phuro mantra ishvaro vacha.


Vivah hete aghor mantra:-

Makhno hathi jard ambari, us par baithi Kamal Khan ki savari. Kamal Khan, Kamal Khan, mughal pathan. Baithe chabutare, padhe kuran. Hajar kaam duniya ka kare, ek kaam mera kar. Na kare, Toh, teen lakh tantis hajar paigambaron ki duhai.


 Vyapar-vardhak Bhanvarvir Mantra:-

Bhanvar Vir tu chela mera, khol dukan kahaa kar mera. Uthai jo dandi beekai jo maal, Bhanvarvir sokhe nahin jaay.


Sidhi ke liye Mutthi Peer ka mantra:-

Bismillah arrahmaan nirrrahim. Sah chakar ki bavdi, Gale motiyan ka haar. Lanka soo kot samundar si khai, Jahan phire Mohammada Vir ki duhai. Koon vir aage chale. Suleman Vir chale, Durshani Vir chale, Nadirshah Vir Chale. Mutthi Peer chale, nahin chale toh Hajrat Suleman ki duhai. Shabad sancha, pind kancha. Chalo mantra ishvaro vacha.


Sidhi mein sahayak Kali ka mantra:-

Om kali ghate Kali Maa, patit pavani Kali Maa. Javaa Phule, sthuri jale. Seye javaa phul mein seeaa bedai. Devir anurbale, ahi hot karivaja hoive. Tahi Kali Dharmer, vale ka haar aagye raathe. Kali ka chandir aase.


Aakarshan hetu Shri Bhairav Mantra:-

Om Kala Bhairav kapila kesh, kanon kundal Bhagva vesh. Jo man dharo toh Lanka jaaye Raavan Ko maaro, tisne kaaj Ishvar ka samaro. Meri bhakti guru ki shakti. Phuro mantra ishvaro vacha. 

So if you want to get your love back, want to get desired love or want to know how to win love by powerful vashikaran mantra contact with guru ji. He is number one vashikaran specialist in India. 


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Navgrah Mantra | Navgrah Yantra | Vashikaran Mantra Specialist

All worlds the navagraha have relative movement with respect to the background of fixed stars in the zodiac. This includes the planets: Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn, the Sun, the Moon, as well as positions in the sky, Rahu and Ketu.

According to some, Grahas are the “markers of influence” that point out the karmic influence on the behavior of living beings.

Astrology claim that Grahas influence the auras and minds of beings connected to the Earth. Each Graha carries a specific energy quality, which is described in an allegorical form through its scriptural and astrological references.

As per the research, mantra is considered as powerful tool for healing. It creates positive vibrations and removes negativity. Navagrah is the mantra of the 9 planets. In other words, it is for pleasing planets and influences them positively. Shri Ved Vyas ji has written mantra’s for pleasing nine planets or Navagraha including the Lord Sun, Lord Moon, Lord Mars, Lord Mercury, Lord Jupiter, Lord Venus, Lord Saturn, Lord Rahu and Lord Ketu.

These nine deities are also referred to as Nine Planets.These grahas are supposed to have a significant impact on the lives of an individual Navgrah Mantra for love.

The Sun Mantra: - Om hram hrim hraum sah suryay namah.

The Moon Mantra: - Om shram shrim shraum sah chandramase namah.

The Mars Mantra: - Om kram krim kraum sah bhaumaye namah.

The Mercury mantra:- Om bram brim braum sah budhaya namah.

The Jupiter mantra: - Om gram grim graum sah gurve namah.

The Venus mantra: - Om dram drim draum sah shukray namah.

The Saturn mantra: - Om pram prim praum sah shanay namah.

The Rahu Mantra: - Om bhram bharim bharaum sah rahve namah.

The Ketu mantra: - Om stram strim straum sah ketve namah.

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