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Expert In Astrology

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Astrology is an ancient Indian science which based on planetary motions and positions of sun and stars in the horoscope of individuals. Earlier astrology was only based on the movement of planets with respect to stars, but later on it involved zodiac signs to predict the future and essential circumstances.

Hindu astrology or vedic astrology is about 7000 years old system of prediction & anticipation. Indian astrology uses date, place and time of birth to prepare of individuals horoscope.

Astrology helps in giving prediction about important phases of man’s life like, career, marriage, business by judging stars movement and sun position in horoscope. Indian tends to rely on horoscope about marriage, love relationship and other important issues just because of our true and whole faith about astrology.

India is the vast believer of astrology than other countries. Indians are very sensitive about astrology and they believe and perform all ritual about their horoscope.

It consists of several system of divination based on the premise that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world.

Astrology is the science of stars, and is based on the belief that the position of the planets and stars in the sky influences human life. Like in any other profession, the accuracy of the task depends on the person performing it. The failure of predictions could be because they are wrongly interpreted by astrologers, or incomplete and wrong birth information given. After all, predictions are based on mathematical calculations of transiting plants.

Palmistry: The lines on our palm are the imprint of our destiny as charted by our past and present karma. If one wants happiness and prosperity, one must do a good to other. By deceiving others, we only hurt ourselves. I can say with great conviction that these lines consistently reveal the truth. Astrology or palmistry is based on the law of karma.

There is an amazing synchronization in this universe. Everything is perfectly timed, but due to our karmic amnesia, our conscious minds are not aware of it. Astrology is based on the principle of karma. Probably that is why the path of good karma is more difficult to follow!

The planetary positions at the time of birth lay our destiny path, where and when we are likely to meet challenges, joys and happiness. Out birth time is actually the starting time of our journey on this earth, and is therefore important. Planetary positions at the time of birth will reflect its course, progress, success or failure.

All astrological streams are self-sufficient and complete. Being older than history, astrology has suffered repeated attacks. Some ancient scriptures have been destroyed or take away by invaders, but it is for the new generation of astrologers to try and fill these gaps.

We are amongst the best astrologer in India and known for our expertise and accuracy in astrological phenomenon. We are expert in Vedic astrology, kundli matching, horoscope reading, palm reading, and numerology. We have many entourage and beneficiaries who are the witness of our acute astrological perceptions. For more information and queries please contact us:

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