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Mantras For Prosperity

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There are many powerful Hindu mantras and yantra for abundance in prosperity and wealth. The Goddess Mahalaxmi is the Hindu Goddess of plenty and Kuber is a God of Wealth. Goddess Lakshmi means good luck to Hindus.

Lakshmi is the household goddess of most hindu families, and a favorite deity of women. She is worshipped daily, but the festive month of Lakshmi is October. On the full moon night of Kojagari Purnima Lakshmi puja is celebrated.

Mantra for acquiring wealth

“Om ya devi sarvabhuteshu lakshmirupen sansthita, namastasyei namastasyei namastasyei namo namah”.

This mantra is chanted to please goddess Lakshmi a well known deity of wealth and prosperity. Chant for 108 times daily of this mantra can help to get fabulous wealth.

Mantra for Wealth and Prosperity

“Aum yakashaaya kuberaaya vaisravanaaya dana daanya adhipathaye dana daanya samrithim me dehi daapaya swaha”.

Kubera moola mantra is recited to please the God Kuber. He is well known amongst Hindus as a God of wealth.

Shantikaran mantra: These mantras are used to bring peace and harmony in relations whether it is ex-relations or family relations. Always remember that it is necessary to have peace of mind if anyone wants to do big in his life. You cannot get success with an unstable mind.

“Om namoh aadesh guru ka, kali chini chig chig kare, dhaula aawe wate aave hare, yati hanuman hank mare, mathwai and bai jaaye bhagai, hawa kare, meri bhakti guru ki shakti, phuro mantra ishwarowacha”

Draw line on earth while continuing chant of mantra. Do this for 21 repetitions the sit the patient on his knee and put his hand on the lines and then exorcise this mantra for 9 repetitions. In this process if patient would actually victim of any disease, got move to forth by chance and would be cured.

“sapeda masan, guru gorakh ki aan, maydand masaan, kaal bhairo ki aan, sukiya masaan, lona chamari ki aan, phuli9a masaan, gore bhairo ki aan, haldiya masaan, kakoda bhairo ki aan, pilia masaan, delhi ki yogini ki aan, kamediya masaan, kalika ki aan, kikdiya masaan, ramchander ki aan, silsiliya masaan, veer mohamda peer ki aan”.

This mostly happens with children. Exorcise this mantra on children and gradually, he will be fine.

Ohm vraj musthi vraj kiwaad, bajar bandho dus dwaar, vraj paani piwechange, dakini dapini rakshov swarge, mantra jayo shatru bhaiyo, dakini wayo jaanu waayo, kaali kaali shamante, bhrhma ki dheesh shaashu, dakini mili kari, moro zeed dhaat kareti, patne paani kare, gua kare yaane kare sute kare, parihaase kare nayan katashi kare, aapo na haathe parhaate, jiyati sanchaare, kilni potni, anintushwari kare, ate vigyaan ahini na naggyo, mohi karetsarakututaliskem sruparde, ohm mosidi guruparaye swiling, mahadev ki aagya.

Blow on water for seven times while chanting this mantra. Drinking enchanted would give you immense power to fight with evil spirits and action of your enemy and his evil action would reversible to him.

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